About us

Who we are

Mergroup NV, a company active since 2006 in the field of tracing located in Asse in a green environment.
Its founder, Andre De Saeger, emphasizes the importance of proposing global solutions to companies wishing to secure their vehicles, their equipment and optimize their internal management as closely as possible to accounting, planning …

What we do

Mergroup develops tools that fully meet customer needs!
A professional team of salesmen, engineers and technicians are available every day to offer you the best solution.
Security, respect, passion, flexibility and innovation are just a few key words of our business philosophy.
The collaboration of our 3000 satisfied customers as well as the technology of our products, places us as one of the major players in the world of tracing.


Track & Trace

Through our advanced technology, we have solutions to monitor your fleet.

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Asset Tracking

A real-time view of where your equipment is located.

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Tracking of persons

Tracing on sports events, protection of children and the elderly, protection of workers.

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The network enables the wireless connection of everyday objects, making data exchange possible.

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